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"The Nine- 45 Show" Welcomes Upstage Artist, "Helen."

Saturday, October 21st, 2023. - Jada LaFrance

Big thank you to Mike Rezendez at WFNU for hosting Helen on The Nine - 45 Show! Thank you also, to Bridge Sky for co- hosting the episode.

On Saturday morning while prepping for Helen's live event later that evening at Lynn Lake Brewery, I had the pleasure of tuning in to this fun interview.

Mike kicked off the interview as such; "(Helen) You are from Minneapolis now, but you are not originally from Minneapolis, you are from Decorah, Iowa! How did you get up here and when did you come to Minnesota?"

Helen shares, "I moved here about two years ago in 2021, but I went to college out in New York. So I grew up in Decorah, went out to New York for college, and then Minneapolis is- quite frankly where I got my first job." Helen laughs. "But it was really nice to come back to the midwest and be a little closer to home and my family after being gone for so long, so far away. I'm really loving Minneapolis."

"Okay I got to hear about New York... " co - host Bridge Sky asks, "Why?"

Helen goes on to share that she "flew away" to New York for college, where three of the five songs on her new EP "Confessions of a Girl in Love" were written. This includes track three, "New York City", which is played later on in the show alongside two other songs. If you haven't listened to the EP yet, you may learn upon diving into it that whilst driving off to New York, Helen was also leaving a piece of her heart back in the midwest.

More on that story, the EP's production, as well as some fun moments that range from discussing fifth grade crushes to Helen's humorous recommendation to follow the "Duo Lingo Owl" on social media, and more in the full episode!

links to the episode can be found below.

Be sure to follow WFNU on social media and stay tuned for details on their "Give To The Max", event which will be a great opportunity to donate to WFNU in mid November. Check out also, the free WFNU app, to stream their shows from anywhere.


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