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When is your next music release?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Hey UPSTAGE family! Happy Tuesday. This week we're talking about releasing music.

How much music do you need out? When should you be releasing it? the list of questions go on and on...

Do you make that Christmas single or skip it only to inevitably skip making it the following year as well?

I've always been a believer in quality over quantity- but there's certainly something to say for consistency.

As I tell all of my UPSTAGE artists, set measurable goals with intention. Attention to detail should always be on your mind. Don't release things just to release them. What is the goal behind your release? Is it to highlight your newly developed sound? Showcase a step up in your production? How are you going to measure that? Perhaps the goal is to gain Spotify followers on a single to set yourself up for a successful, larger release in the future? THAT is a measurable goal!

As for how much content you should be releasing, remember that the production turnaround cycle can vary for each genre. Rap, hip hop, and some singer-songwriter genres can record, produce and put out new music way faster than a large 6- piece band can. This means that you can research artists like yourself and see if your timeline can fit into examples set by others in your genre. What timeline and strategy is working well for them? What are they doing between releases to balance keeping their fan's attention while working towards the next project?

A few major tips to keep in mind (whatever your release plan):

1. You need to keep your fans engaged: This means whether you are releasing singles every month, or one large album every one or two years- you can't go completely radio silent in the meantime. Figure out a way to keep them interested and looking forward to your next release.

2. Get creative and create content that can LAST. Make more music than you need for an album or single project so that you're prepared with a few extra pieces of content to put out if a previous product gains momentum. Don't leave your fans hanging once you FINALLY have gotten their attention.

3. Play to your strengths. In today's world where unpredictability is the name of the monster you're working against, always be following your largest lead. If you're gaining the most consistent engagement on Tiktok, do more of that. If your live shows are growing in attendees, market your next album release towards your live show audience. That said, don't be afraid to pivot and experiment when something isn't working.

Whatever you do - have a plan. The truth is that there's no golden rule or easy answer to how much music you should be putting out or when ( though people will argue that fall or beginning of summer is best.) But what's important is that you do it, do it consistently (whatever consistent looks like to you), and do it well.

(Insert NIKE logo here.)

That's what I've got for you this week. Now- go make that holiday single (but do it well.)😉🎄

Jada & Upstage LLC

Troy Wyman (left) & Jada LaFrance (right) promoting single release "Games" on WFNU 94.1

(Fall, 2022.)

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