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"Wine, Women, & Nostalgia" as journalist Kathleen Ambre put it.

An except from the article-

"Nestled in the cramped corners of the Edison-lit wine bar, friends, family, and newcomers enjoyed themed wine flights and a nostalgic evening of keyboard-driven covers."

Capturing the ambiance and beauty of the evening perfectly, I had the pleasure of attending and assisting Brynn at this wonderful event that she launched at the Troubadour Wine Bar in Minneapolis a couple weekends back.

Getting to go out and see the artists that I have the pleasure of working with do what they best is truly the best feeling. We're all here for the music, afterall. The music is the only reason I do what I do as a professional, and after a long hiatus, Brynn Andre has also returned to music for the sake of the music. This article captures the heart of that sentiment so well.

Stay tuned for more "Wine and Women" events to come. Brynn has more songs to sing, stories to share, and memories yet to make in beautiful spaces like the one seen above!

full article below:

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