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A Little Bit About Playlisting...

Hey UPSTAGE family! Welcome back to the source of your favorite artist development tips and discussions. This week we're talking about playlisting.

Playlists are collections of songs that share similarities usually based on synonymous artists or a specific mood. Playlisting is a music marketing strategy used for single releases. This strategy is effective because music on playlists reach a broader range of listeners and therefore can help musicians expand their audience.

So how do you get your music onto a playlist?

It's simple! you reach out and pitch your music to a playlist curator. No matter the playlist, the creator is always publicly published. From there you must consider why your music belongs on said playlist and convince that curator. If you are looking to be included on a Spotify generated playlist, there are several tools available on Spotify for Artists. So, definitely look into checking those resources out- just be sure to submit your music at least a month prior to your release in order for your music to be considered.

But do playlists really have that much of an impact on music discovery? 

Yes! Just on Spotify 1 billion users a week listen to Spotify's 4,500 curated playlists.

I am not suggesting that being added to a playlist is the answer to all of your musical aspirations, but if done right, playlisting could at the very least help you expand your online community of listeners and followers, and most of us these days, want to increase these metrics!


In Other News:

We asked and you guys responded...

These are the results of last week's poll on instagram!


Lastly: Here is Juliana's song pick of the week...

'Does The Swallow Dream of Flying' by Cosmo Sheldrake and Howl

If I were a playlist curator I would add it to the, "Chill" playlist or maybe even, "songs played at the start of a characters villain era" playlist. 


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Get excited UPSTAGE family, it's looking to be an amazing summer!

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