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Music Industry Podcasts to Save For Later

 Hi Upstage Family! This week we will be covering podcasts related to the music industry! 


As musicians, listening to music is an everyday activity. At least half of the time we are listening to music it is more of an “active” activity as opposed to a “relaxing” activity – mixing a song, pulling melodies and chord progressions for inspirations, etc. So, if you get sick of listening to music occasionally, podcasts may be a good alternative. 


Here are a few music industry related podcasts to save for later:


DIY Musician Podcast from CD Baby

This podcast is dedicated to providing up-to-date information on music promotion and marketing. Episodes include discussions and interviews with lawyers, promoters, publishers, bookers, and artists.  

Episode recommendations:

 ‘#336: The INSANE Social Content Idea List for Musicians’

          ‘#357: The Truth(s) About Being “Female” Musicians”


SongExploder from Hrishikesh Hirway

This podcast brings to light the production and creative processes of some of the most well-known songs through interviews with the artists that created them. This podcast was also adapted into a Netflix tv series.

Episode Recommendations:

         ‘Peaches - Boys Wanna Be Her’

         ‘Raye - Escapism (feat. 070 Shake)’


The Music Industry Podcast from Burstimo

 This podcast discusses helpful tips for artists regarding music promotion, social media, merchandise, Spotify, live events, and branding. Episodes are mostly framed as ‘How To’s.’

Episode Recommendations:

 ‘Music Promotion Tips You Need TO Do as SOON as you release a song.’

         ‘What Artists Should do if They Hate Social Media’


Other Podcast Recommendations by Category:


Advice From Artists:

 Best Advice: The Podcast from Spotify for Artists


History of Music:

Bandsplain from The Ringer

60 songs the Explain the 90s from The Ringer

 A History of Rock Music from Andrew Hickey


Song Analysis:

 Songcraft from Scott B. Bomar, Paul Duncan

 Strong Songs from Kirk Hamilton


Music Business Advice:

New Music Business from Ari Herstad

Music is My Business from Anthony Clint Jr. 

The Music Industry Blueprint Podcast from Rick Barker

Secrets From The Scene from Steven Helvig (for a little local MN flair!)


In other news,

Here is the result of the Question we asked on Tuesday:

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