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Post - Release Promotion

Hey UPSTAGE Family! This week we are discussing the importance of post- release promotion. 

Unless you are Taylor Swift, you cannot just drop a single or album and expect it to be successful. Releasing music is a feat. As you get more serious and experienced as a musician, the more you will learn about what works and what does not when releasing your music.

However, many musicians forget to include what happens after  the single or album is out. Before we get into that, let's go through the basic parts of promoting music releases.

How can you promote a music release?

There are several ways you are able to promote your music in the 21st century. Pre-sales, live performances, but most importantly: social media. We’ve all seen the videos of musicians routinely posting the same ten second hook over and over again in advance of a single launch.

Consider Minnesotan artist, Ber, who released EP “Room foy You” May 3rd and has since made 10 instagram posts using track “Whatever Forever” since it’s been released. (Not to mention posting 5 other times using other songs from the same EP.)  

Overall, this is a great approach to a successful music launch. Singersongwrtiers online create numerous posts specific to a single song in the weeks leading up to the launch. However, there is considerably less effort put into promotional material after the launch. 

Why you should promote AFTER a release

Not only should you be promoting before you release music but also afterwards.

Don’t put in all this work to release something and then stop talking about it after the second it’s out. Remind people over and over again that your music is now available for them to stream and share. Using different sections of your music in numerous short reels gives you the opportunity to let people hear different parts of the song that might peak their interest! You never know what glimpse of your music it might take for people to get hooked! But you’re not even giving people the opportunity to do so if you don’t promote it, ensuring they hear it!  

Even two weeks afterwards continue letting people know your music was released. I have often seen posts announcing a music launch in a month, and while I love the song I don’t think to check back with the artist in a month to see if they released it.  

Continuing to talk or post about your music after it is released lets people know that you are proud and passionate for music. And you should be proud, music is a gift! Shout it from the rooftops if you have to!


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