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The Importance of Being Consistent Online

Hi UPSTAGE Family! Welcome back to the source of your favorite artist development tips and discussions. This week we will be discussing the importance of being consistent online as a musician.

To be consistent is to “remain constant in an action over time.”

Why is consistency online important for musicians?

In the 21st century, musicians are now both music makers and content creators. Whether it be producing your own music, producing a live show, producing music videos, youtube or social media content- the expectation and amount of content expected of you is greater than it was years ago. To be consistent as a musician online, try creating and sharing content that reiterates your brand and supports your music on at least a weekly basis. Doing so will deepen the relationship between your fans on a personal level that goes beyond your music. 

Consistent posting of any on brand content – music, photos, videos, and messages – will also help you reach your target audience and expand your fanbase.

The next question: How can I be consistent?

First of all, You need to know your brand. What is your message or story? What do you want people to know about you? Why should people care about you or your music? How do you stand out? These are the fundamentals of Artist Development!

Second, create a way to hold yourself accountable. This could be creating a content calendar, setting reminders, using a paper planner, or scheduling content to go out at a specific time. 

If you would like more personalized advice on how to be consistent online, use the link below to book a consultation!

Have a great rest of your week and keep those creative juices flowing!


In other news, we took a poll on instagram- these were your responses!

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